Athletes and Drugs in Sports-Drug Abuse Story-Athlete Overdose on Heroin

Published: 15th February 2011
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Drug Abuse Story on Addictions- Book About Star Athlete Drug Addiction

St. Louis, Mo-- The African American author, Brian Irons, wrote a substance abuse story, based on Christian principles. This Christian drug telling story, not only teaches on Christianity, but also, on the havoc in drug abuse. This book is titled, "I Did Not Know".

The I Did Not Know Book is a rehabilitation story with purpose to heal hearts and minds that have been abused by drug addictions. A mind on drugs is like cruising on a ship without a sail. Who dares to get on ship when there is no sail attached to it? The ship canít be guided to its destination, when there is no sail. A mind on drugs does the same thing. Many people and their dreams have been put on hold, because of allowing drugs to sail their minds in the other direction. No matter how far your heart has drifted away from its purpose, the I Did Not Know Book will direct you back towards your dream.

Brian Irons is a well-known gifted and talented sport player. His dream was to someday become a professional athlete. His heart held up the banner, "Drug Free Dreams". All athletesí hearts and minds should never be bound to drug abuse and addictions. Their health in life should be their most concern. This athlete drug addiction and substance abuse story will expose many mysteries to the athletic world.

One day, this talented athlete decided to smoke marijuana with a few high school basketball teammates. This athlete now has a marijuana story about his life. Within his heart, he believes marijuanaís addiction is the reason for his substance abuse elevation. Never in a million years did this once drug free athlete think he would ever experience smoking Cocaine, PCP, snorting Heroin, swallowing Valium's, drinking cough syrup with crushed up Tylenol 3 & 4, taking Codeine Pills, or any other chemical controlled substance would be used by him. Because of these substance abuse experiences, this athlete now has a drug abuse history, as well as a drug addiction story. Not only that, but also this athlete had no idea drug addiction would someday destroy his athletic dream.

Brian earned 2 M.V.P. trophies as a pitcher, and 2 M.V.P. trophies as a quarterback. He was asked by four high school students to sign his name on their books and papers, after watching him play five straight games of basketball. His first eight street fights were knockdowns. He won the first place trophy in a high school dancing contest. As it is unto this very day, he is now the author of a powerful story. Wow, Brian Irons is a very gifted and talented young athlete/man. The I Did Not Know Book about substance abuse will explain thoroughly why athletes and non-athletes should never use or abuse illegal drugs.

One day, Brian, the drug addict got high again. This day, while getting high, his heart stopped beating for 11 minutes. Brianís brain then goes into a coma. He slept in that coma for ten days. Due to the heart stop and coma experience, his brain suffered a traumatic injury. Not only that, but the nerves in Brianís left leg suffered damage. Wow, this athlete kept on using and abusing chemical control substances, until they finally used and abused him. My body has truly experienced the effects of drugs. But Godís mercy brought Brian Irons out of it all.

After experiencing this drug abuse conflict, the drug addict turned to God for help. After doing that, God told this drug abuser to write a book about his substance use and abuse experiences. Godís word explained unto him how sin empowered him to use drugs in the first place. God forgave those drug enticing sins. But he backslid time after time. God rehabbed Brianís life more than the human mind can remember. Brian Irons message to the world is this, "Do not give your life over to chemical control substances". If you do, your life will continually experience "I Did Not Know" tragedies. This book on drug addiction will help you stay sober. Please order this mind rehabilitation book.

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